Pregnancy yoga (English course)

_MG_0223 Focus on the growing contact between mother and unborn child.

During your pregnancy your body goes through very special moments in order to prepare for giving birth to a new life. My yoga helps you to prepare for the delivery and to be able to welcome the little one with your arms wide open.

During the classes we work on getting your body in shape and to maintain that up to the delivery. Off course there is focus on the changed nature of your body in a pregnant state. The series of movement we’ll go through have been developed for maximal flexibility and stability. This gives the basis for getting ready for the delivery and your postnatal recovery.

Breath and using your breath during the delivery will be key themes that we discuss. Relaxation and breathing exercises will prepare your physically and emotionally for what lies ahead. Your breathing capacity will be enlarged in a soft and effective way, which will help you to relax and make you feel more energetic._MG_0222

Also there is special attention for the growing contact between mother and unborn child. If you’re interested, you and your partner can get involved in your yoga preparations, during a partner night. Once every three months such a night is organised, where there is a special focus on the role of the partner and communication.

Love, warmth, attention and relaxation will allow your child to grow and prosper.

The group will consist out of a group of mothers; this will allow personal contact and attention. This is especially important for mothers being abroad and away from home. We’ll focus on getting to know eachother and building our experiences together. Having a ‘gezellige’ (the famous Dutch word that is not translated easily – cosy, colloquial) time is also important. For this English course we’ll discuss the Dutch healthcare system, opinions on delivery and the differences compared to other countries.

What to expect?

  • Postures, movements and yoga
  • Time for you and your unborn child
  • Awareness of your breath
  • Breathing exercises for during the delivery
  • Exercises to stabilize and relax your pelvis
  • Information on preganacy and delivery
  • Relaxations
  • Possibility to involve your partner (during the partner night)
  • A ‘gezellige’ time amongst other pregnant mothers
  • Explanation of Dutch healthcare system and opinions

When to start?

You can join the group when you’re expecting. During the first trimester (3 months) the advice is to take it easy. You’re welcome to start when you’d like and to stay until your child is born. Exercising up to the delivery will keep you in share, which will facilitate your delivery itself. You can consider moving into the dedicated classes ‘Preparing for Delivery’ .


One time: 15€

Monthly payment
Classes can be cancelled a month ahead,before the 1st of the month. When you deliver, you will be compensated for the remaining classes.

Workshop with partner (2 sessions, 2h)
65€ per couple for both sessions
35€ per couple for the theoretical session only

Private sessions
35€ per hour

You may want to check your health insurance, Pregnancy yoga is often reimbursed! Please check the timetable for the course overview. Download the flyer here.